Friday Night At Manor!


You should’ve been there!! Me, Tony Touch and this guy – DJ Scratchator – Busta Rhymes’ DJ.  He brought his own coffin – Gangsterrr!!:


Please don’t bite the Grandpa sweater!!!! 

Click Below For All The Pics!!

life at sirius…

Yesterday i waited for J-Live to show up… didn’t happen, He’ll be on The Wonder Years soon…

In the meantime, I listened to a Def Jam conference call.  It was quite entertaining, I highly recommend it! hahahaha


Wonder On Your Radio!!

Tonight – 2AM E.S.T.

Hip-Hop Nation – Sirius 40

The Wonder Years with Special Guest – DJ DRAMA!!!!!!!


Monday – 6PM E.S.T.

Hip-Hop Nation – Sirius40

Studio 40 Backstage Pass – Styles P!!!

Music By DJ Wonder!!


Monday – 8PM E.S.T.

Shade45 – Sirius Satellite Radio

Lip Service – The Ozone Magazine Sex Issue Edition

 Click Here To Listen!!

After Halloween Madness

Dude…I couldn’t get across 6th Avenue… it was a wrap!


So i ended up just going straight to GSPA, in the Gansevoort Hotel, where I was Djing….

Bryan and Dave showed up…. Men in Black or Blues Brothers?


 There was a good crowd, come by some Wednesday!! (13th and 9th… The basement!)

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